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Walking in a Minefield - An Interview with Del Bates

Walking in a Minefield - An Interview with Del Bates

May 31, 2021

Del_Bates5ydam.pngDel Bates is an author, speaker, and an enthusiastic encouragement to many. She has been on leadership with Aglow International for numerous years. Her hope is to see the lost saved and healed through those meetings. She has self-published two books and has numerous stories in various publications. Crosslink publishers released her latest book on Spiritual Warfare, “Walking In A Minefield” in June 2021.

Del and her husband have the joy of being snowbirds between Florida and Michigan. Michigan is her heart-felt home where she spends quality time with her three-grown children, their families and finds plenty of time to spoil her five grandkids.

Her heart’s desire is to further the Kingdom of God through her Pen-4-the Lord and her gift of prophecy where she loves to equip others through words of wisdom from above.

You can learn more about Del Bates and her work at



  • The inspiration behind Walking in a Minefield
  • What is spiritual warfare?
  • 14 areas and action needed to fight the spiritual warfare we face daily
  • How to recognize the bombs before they go off



WalkingInAMinefield.jpgDaily the war rages on.

We are in a battle like never before. But the most significant battle you face is for your soul.
Within the pages of WALKING IN A MINEFIELD, learn to identify the bombs raging around you and how to disarm them before they explode.

• Discover Satan's tactics.
• Learn how to pray amid each battle.
• Know how to use your God-given weapons.
• Understand the General of Intercession― the Holy Spirit
• Claim your authority.

In this non-fiction scripture-based book along with true-to-life stories, you will see spiritual warfare in action resulting in battles won in the Spiritual realm.




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The SwiftPad Trilogy - An Interview with S. Lee Barckmann

The SwiftPad Trilogy - An Interview with S. Lee Barckmann

May 26, 2021

Lee-podcast-2.jpgLee Barckmann grew up in Barnegat NJ, and had a Huck Finn childhood, surrounded by woods, streams, and meadows. In the 1950s, 1200 people lived there. 

Later on, he studied Economics and History at the University of Kansas,  moved to Eugene, Oregon, and met his wife Mary. He did various jobs for a time, then the two of them packed it up and went to China where Lee taught English. After two-and-a-half years, they returned to the US, settled down and had a family and Lee spent the next 30 years in a career in the IT field, eventually retiring from IBM. During that time, he wrote intermittently, mostly on his first novel "Farewell the Dragon". 

Lee and his wife currently live outside of Portland Oregon where they enjoy backpacking, biking, and playing with their granddaughter.



  • About the Trilogy
  • Writing ALT-History
  • One of the most surprising things he learned writing his trilogy
  • Reading and Writing
  • What's Next?




TheSwiftPadTrilogy.jpgThere’s a lot of punch packed into this trilogy which is at it’s core an alt history of the past decade.  There’s murder and mystery, the boom of social media, politics and an unstable leader. Our Reader Views reviewer said, “The satire that is offered in this tale is brutally honest, hysterical, and unforgettable. But, remember, this is not a dystopian world; this is a very real, bare bones, trash-talking world that all of us have lived through – and are still living through to this day. As a reader who loves reality as much as the gritty suspense that a book like this provides, there is also that underlying current that shows how much we’ve seen and survived over the past decades, and how much we’re most likely going to see before we say adieu to this life."



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Tomorrow’s End - An Interview with G.R. Morris

Tomorrow’s End - An Interview with G.R. Morris

May 17, 2021

GRMorris.jpgGeoffrey Morris is a 10 time award-winning author. He has garnered much acclaim for his debut novel, Tomorrow’s End. He not only won a prestigious Dragonfly book award, but a Feathered quill and received multiple 5 star reviews from many websites. He was a philosopher and a graduate from seminary studies before taking writing courses in college.


Topics of Conversation

  • Philosophical Fiction
  • A Sixteen-Year-Old Savior
  • How Tomorrow's End evolved over 20 years
  • Thoughts on reading and horror movies!
  • The story behind the cover art.
  • What's next?


Tomorrow's EndTomorrowsEnd.jpg

Do you have free will?

He never asked to be a hero, but the universe didn't give him a choice.

Kevin Knight never wanted to be the one to save the galaxy. But when tragedy upends his life and demonic forces steal his soul, the fate of time and space are sealed. Until a scaly, trench-coat-clad alien appears and gives him a glimpse into the true nature of all things.

Astounded, Kevin learns the world he knows is merely an illusion created by alien beings who control humanity's every move. With an invasion imminent, he must defeat the blackness and perfect his powers before the bloody battle begins.

Which prophecy will Kevin fulfill... the one of darkness or the one of light?






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The World We Choose - An Interview with Kevin Kunkel

The World We Choose - An Interview with Kevin Kunkel

May 2, 2021

DSC01663.jpgKevin Kunkel believes people are fundamentally good and altruistic. He writes books to reflect that belief. Kevin fully intends to fix the screen door this spring or by fall at the latest.  Kevin writes bios in the 3rd person because it comes off as more professional and writing in the 5th person gets confusing. Kevin lives in Minnesota with his wife and 2 sons. He complains that Hollywood movies don't understand real cold.


  • How the world is getting better and  inspiration behind the storyline.
  • Writing for children
  • Rhyming and the perfect meter
  • On being a standup comedian
  • More children's books coming soon!



TheWorldWeChoose.jpgThis book teaches children that the world is mostly improving, and that the way to make sure it continues is to pay attention to the good all around us.

Cable news often reports on the bad things that happen every day, but we can choose a positive story and make it a reality. In this book, the rhyming story and light-filled illustrations focus on positive things like renewable energy, improved literacy, and better technology to stay close to the ones we love.

The World We Choose focuses on the good things about our planet and encourages—and empowers!—kids to make our future even brighter. This uplifting children’s book reminds us all that we can choose a better world.






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Isle of Dragons - An Interview with Author L.A. Thompson

Isle of Dragons - An Interview with Author L.A. Thompson

April 27, 2021

la-thompson.jpgAuthor L.A. Thompson knew she wanted to be a writer at a young age. She longed to create worlds and characters that would draw people in and transport them to another time and place, which she achieves in her novel Isle of Dragons.

L.A. loves fantasy and witchcraft and by combining those elements in her stories with different historical periods, she creates a world that's in an industrial era caught between technology and magic, exploring the two's unique interplay.



  • Writing Fantasy
  • Creating characters from a place of want vs. need
  • Adding elements of innovation 
  • Plotting vs. letting the characters take the lead
  • What's next?



IsleOfDragons.jpgWatch steampunk technology and high fantasy witchcraft clash in this heroine’s fast-paced, epic journey to rescue her father from dragons and reveal the evil secrets of the noble court.

On the run from the royal army in a giant mechanical centipede, sixteen-year-old Jade Sol embarks on a dangerous adventure to help her father escape from the Isle of Dragons—a land of untamed magic that some believe only exists in myth.
When Jade is cornered by soldiers, a mysterious witch named Miria Atkins rescues her, calling on spirits from a magical realm to channel their mystical energy into light and matter. Jade begs Miria and the sorceress’s mechanist brother, Dan, to join her quest.

The siblings resist at first, but their hearts soften when they hear of her father’s fate. Their own parents had attempted an expedition from Vansh to the Isle of Dragons years ago and never returned. Together, the trio of young heroes journey across the feudal countryside trek across the sea to become the first humans to reach the elusive Isle of Dragons.









Life in the Chastity Zone - An Interview with Author Holly Brandon

Life in the Chastity Zone - An Interview with Author Holly Brandon

April 25, 2021

Holly Brandon breaks free from her analytical side to produce Life in the Chastity Zone. HoldingHollyBrandon.jpg a PhD., M.S., and B.S. in Civil Engineering, Holly is best known for her published works in the Journal of Earthquakes, Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibrations, and Earthquake Science.

Unbelievable as it may appear, many of the scenes in Life in the Chastity Zone are based on true-life experiences. Holly invites readers to follow Chastity on her crazy and hilarious adventures in her search for love and happiness. With more to come, Life in the Chastity Zone is the first in an unforgettable, brand-new Chastity Zone series.


Topics of Conversation

  • About Life in the Chastity Zone
  • Those crazy stories!
  • Letting the character take the lead
  • Comparing men to buildings
  • More to come in the Chastity Series!


Life in the Chastity ZoneLifeintheChastityZone.jpg

Thirty-year-old Chastity (Chase) Morgan has always dreamed of her fairytale life—the perfect career, wedding, marriage, family, and on and on. A structural engineer, Chase is brilliant in her line of work, but keeping to her moniker, she is as chaste as they come. Although she doesn’t know the first thing about love and dating, everything changes when she meets Grant Stevens. Wedding bells appear to be right around the corner until he unceremoniously abandons her for another. Derailed but determined, Chase has to find a way to move on. Little does she know that sinister plans are at work to squash her hopes and dreams. While a psychic medium comes to her aide, it’s uncertain whether or not Chastity will follow the clairvoyant’s advice. Only time will tell if she’ll choose between throwing away her virginity and diving full force into the dating world, or clinging to her fairytale life plan.







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Life of a Firefly - An Interview with Author Sandra Brown-Lindstedt

Life of a Firefly - An Interview with Author Sandra Brown-Lindstedt

April 16, 2021

Pic_Sandy_Brown78wpb.jpgSandra Brown-Lindstedt was born and raised in Chicago and moved to Portland with her three children when she was thirty-three. After working as a medical secretary for many years, she decided to go back to college and her my degree graduating  from Lewis & Clark College in Portland Oregon with bachelor's degrees in Theater and English.

She’s also worked in New York, on stage productions, art and design. She’s won two first place short story awards and three poetry awards, publishing the work in literary journals. She’s written and directed numerous plays in the US and in Sweden. Sandy resides in Sweden with her husband. Life of a Firefly is her first children's book.


Topics of Conversation

  • About winning several awards for her debut book.
  • Inspiration behind the story.
  • Writing for a young audience.
  • The sequel to Life of a Firefly
  • Advice for emerging authors


Life of a Firefly

LifeOfAFirefly.jpgThis award winning children's book, is both fun and exciting. It's written for kids of all ages to build strong character and help boost their self esteem. Girls as well as boys will see themselves in almost every situation that Sandy finds herself in, when she and her firefly go on amazing adventures that captures the imagination. As she continues on her incredible journey, each person she encounters teaches her another lesson about friendship and family.

This beautiful collection of moral stories will remind children, no matter how bleak a situation may look, a little faith and a firefly, can take them a long way. It also gives children of color a mirror of strong characters that look like them, and others a window to experience the African American community in a whole new way.


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Deciduous - An Interview with Author Michael Devendorf

Deciduous - An Interview with Author Michael Devendorf

April 3, 2021

MichaelDevendorf.jpgMichael Devendorf served as a chief executive for a national organization and crafted corporate communications for the business community and the workforce. He traveled from coast-to-coast meeting fascinating people and visiting remarkable places presenting his message on company culture to audiences that included industry leaders and political figures. Those events have fallen into the crevices of his mind and sometimes crawl their way out to influence his writing today. Captivating storytelling that clings to the soul has always been his passion. After years of letting life and career get in the way, he chose to step away from business and technical writing to devote himself to creativity instead. Michael is inspired by writing about juxtaposing emotions and provoking the reader with stories that defy strict categorization and blend genres. In addition to writing, he is a passionate animal welfare advocate. He and his family split their time between Dallas, Texas, and northern Wisconsin.


Topics of Conversation

  • Inspiration behind the storyline
  • Writing from the female perspective
  • Building a story with juxtaposing emotions
  • A twist you won't see coming
  • Research and writing
  • What Michael likes to read
  • His next book



It has been ten months since forest conservationist Sienna lost her daughter in a tragic home accident when she was the only other person around. Kira's death transforms Sienna into an overprotective mother to her son. But then Kai dies under similar circumstances. Desperate to keep from losing her mind, if only to preserve the memories of her children, Sienna climbs into the treehouse where Kai took his last breath. 

While meditating to connect with him, terrifying images of a "mother tree," a nurturing hub tree Sienna studied in an isolated meadow near their lake house, corrupt all memories of her kids. No longer a majestic, colorful sentinel, the tree menaces her with its limbs draped in leaves that morph into skeletal hands. As Sienna's thoughts fester, convincing her that her children's deaths were not simple accidents, those around her try to persuade her she must be guilty of harming Kira and Kai, even if she can't remember. Anxious to unveil the terrible truth hiding in her psyche, Sienna instead finds herself in very physical danger as secrets come to light.


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A Web of Deceit - An Interview with Author Gary D. McGugan

A Web of Deceit - An Interview with Author Gary D. McGugan

March 23, 2021

Gary_McGugan_2014-small_b3fot.jpgWriting started for Gary D. McGugan after a 40-year career in the world of business. He’s worked in supermarkets, sold appliances, distributed motorcycles, launched an automobile dealer network, and provided financing to help businesses grow. Every industry was very different from the other. Each company had a distinctive culture and character, but all were units of large corporations with operations around the globe.

Travel has always been a large component of his business roles and he’s now visited more than 650 towns and cities in more than fifty countries for either business or leisure.

Experts say we should write about things we know best. In Gary’s case, those subjects are business, travel, and people. As an author, his goal is to entertain readers around the world — one at a time.

Topics of Conversation:

  • Technology, organized crime, and other inspirations for a novel of intrigue
  • Female protagonists in fiction and writing from the perspective of the opposite gender
  • Killing off his characters
  • The influence Gary's worldly travels have on his writing
  • Exploring options outside fiction and what's next


AWebOfDeceit.jpgA Web of Deceit

Fate, misfortune and opportunity entangle three rivals in a quick-paced suspense thriller. It's a jet-setting, exhilarating trek across five different continents where the risks can be fatal but the payouts oh-so-rewarding.

Connect with Gary McGugan!

Facebook:  @gary.d.mcgugan.books
Twitter: @GaryDMcGugan
Instagram: @authorgarydmcgugan 

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Awakening the Soul of Power - An Interview with Author Christian de la Huerta

Awakening the Soul of Power - An Interview with Author Christian de la Huerta

March 16, 2021

Award-winning author Christian de la Huerta is an acclaimed speaker at various settings,christian6.jpg including universities, conferences, corporate training, spiritual communities and the TedX stage. Audiences find Christian's message particularly relevant in these times. Christian also practices as a spiritual coach and a leadership development consultant whose work ranges from individuals and couples in private practice to major corporations and non-profit groups.

Topics of Conversation:

  • What is the Soul of Power?
  • Why women's empowerment is so important in the world today.
  • What are the different types of power?
  • How do we take back our power?
  • Deepening your experience

Awakening the Soul of Power, the first book in the Calling All Heroes series, rethinks whatAwakeningTheSoulOfPower.jpg heroism means in the 21st century and reveals practical tools to help you embark on a journey to personal freedom. If you long for healthier relationships and a life filled with meaning and purpose, this book holds the keys to unlocking the secrets of personal empowerment and unleashing your inner hero.

Awakening the Soul of Power focuses on personal empowerment because the way you embody, express and relate to power impacts every area of your life.

If you long for healthier relationships and a life filled with meaning and purpose, this book holds the keys to getting what you want. 


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