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Soul Seeker - An Interview with Author Kaylin McFarren

Soul Seeker - An Interview with Author Kaylin McFarren

October 30, 2020

KaylinMcFarren.jpgKaylin McFarren has received more than fifty national literary awards, in addition to a prestigious RWA Golden Heart Award nomination for Flaherty’s Crossing—a book she and her oldest daughter, New York Times/USA Today best-selling author Kristina McMorris, co-wrote in 2008.

Prior to embarking on her writing journey and developing her popular Threads psychological thriller series, she poured her passion for creativity into her work as the director of a fine art gallery in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon; she also served as a governor-appointed member of the Oregon Arts Commission and currently oversees interior design projects for the Yoshida Group of Companies.

Her self-published books are written in multiple genres and include award-winning romantic thrillers, mysteries, a time-travel adventure, and now, a paranormal fantasy. She hopes that her stories are entertaining and that they linger in the minds of readers long after her final twists are revealed.

In addition to writing, when she’s not traveling between homes in San Diego and Portland or spoiling her two pups and three grandsons, she enjoys giving back to her community through participation and support of various charitable, medical, and educational organizations, and encourages others to do the same.

To learn more about Kaylin McFarren and her work, visit her website


Topics of Conversation

  • Stepping outside her normal genre – writing about the supernatural world
  • Why she pushes her characters to their limits
  • Bringing relevant social issues into the mix – women’s rights
  • A woman as the ruler of hell?
  • Writing and publishing a book during a pandemic


Crighton Daemonium arrives in the peaceful town of Lochton, Illinois, searching for wicked souls to add to his count. Benjamin Poe, a devoted husband, father and firefighter, finds himself in a battle of wills against this evil, manipulating demon, while protecting his only son. Ultimately, Poe is tricked into committing murder and Crighton is rewarded with the soul he was sent to retrieve. Following Poe’s execution, Crighton continues his dark malevolent duties, until he's kidnapped by members of The Sovereign Sector. This group of scientists, notorious for experimenting on supernatural creatures, forces Crighton into a soulmate relationship with the very angel he was sent to capture for the King of Hell, Lucifer. With secrets revealed, darkness rules and loyalties shift. The demonic soul-seeker soon becomes the target of Lucifer's revenge, and his journey to redemption and freedom—or eternal enslavement—begins.








Crimson at Cape May - An Interview with Author Randy Overbeck

Crimson at Cape May - An Interview with Author Randy Overbeck

October 8, 2020

Randy_Overbeck8r87g.jpg Dr. Randy Overbeck is a veteran educator who has served children as a teacher and school leader. For more than three decades, his educational experiences and responsibilities ranged from coach and yearbook advisor to principal and superintendent, and he’s lived the roles of many of the characters in his stories.

An accomplished writer, he has been published in trade journals, professional texts and newspapers, as well as in fiction, now with his third published novel.

As a member of the Mystery Writers of America, Dr. Overbeck is an active member of the literary community, contributing to a writers’ critique group, serving as a mentor to emerging writers and participating in writing conferences such as Sleuthfest, Killer Nashville and the Midwest Writers Workshop.

When he’s not writing or researching his next exciting novel or sharing his presentation “Things That Go Bump in the Night,” he’s spending time with his incredible family of wife, three children (and their spouses) and seven wonderful grandchildren.

To learn more about Randy Overbeck and his work visit

Topics of Conversation

  • The paranormal world and believing in ghosts
  • Choosing a new location for each mystery
  • Writing in a different time period
  • Favorite part of research process
  • Centering your mysteries around a social justice issue.



No matter how far you run, you can never really escape a haunted past. Darrell Henshaw-teacher, coach, and paranormal sensitive-learned this lesson the hard way. Now, with his job gone and few options, he heads for Cape May to coach a summer football camp. The resort town, with gorgeous beaches, rich history and famous Victorian mansions, might just be the getaway he needs. Only, no one told him Cape May is the most haunted seaport on the East Coast. When a resident ghost, the Haunted Bride, stalks Darrell, begging for his help, he can't refuse, and joins forces with Cassie, another sensitive. As Darrell and the street-wise teen investigate the bride's death, they uncover something far more sinister than a murder. Can Darrell and Cassie expose those behind the crimes before they end up becoming the next victims?



Facebook: @authorrandyoverbeck
Twitter: @overbeckrandy

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Betrayal High - An Interview with Author Mark M. Bello

Betrayal High - An Interview with Author Mark M. Bello

July 30, 2020

020gorback-finished.jpg As an attorney and civil justice advocate, author Mark M. Bello draws upon over 40 years of courtroom experience in his Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series.
A Michigan native, Mark received his B.A. in English Literature from Oakland University and his law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. After working extremely high profile legal cases, Mark wanted to give the public a front-row glimpse of what victims face when standing up for justice.
Combining his legal experience and passion for justice with a creative writing style, Mark not only brings high-quality legal services to his clients but captivating novels to his readers.
When Mark’s not writing legal and political novels, he writes and posts about fairness and justice in the civil justice system on his website, Legal Examiner and Injury Board. In his spare time, Mark enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. Mark and his wife, Tobye, have four children and 8 grandchildren.

Learn more about Mark and his work by visiting his website at


Just a few of the topics of conversation:

  • School shootings and the root causes
  • Using an author platform to get the news out about relevant social justice issues
  • The Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series


BETRAYAL HIGHbetrayalhigh.jpg

What does a kid do when it just won’t stop? Kevin Burns has had enough. Today, the bullying stops. Today, he has easy access to his father’s gun cabinet. Today, Kevin exacts his revenge.

Bloomfield, Michigan, an affluent Detroit area suburb, is home to trial lawyer Zachary Blake. Other school districts envy Bloomfield, that is, until Kevin Burns commits shocking, all too familiar, acts of senseless violence. In the aftermath of the tragedy, everyone wonders ‘why?’.

Zack Blake seeks answers, justice for the victims, including his own son. How does a kid get a cache of weapons?

In Betrayal High, a Zachary Blake legal thriller, award-winning author/attorney Mark M. Bello answers these questions and more in this fifth installment of what many readers are calling the country’s best courtroom drama series. Prepare to get Betrayed . . . again.



Facebook: @markmbellobooks
Twitter: @markmbello
Instagram: @markmbellobooks

 Mark’s books can be found on his website, Amazon, Goodreads, and all other online retailers. The books are available for reader, in print, or as audiobooks.

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Writer Get Noticed! - An Interview with Colleen M. Story

Writer Get Noticed! - An Interview with Colleen M. Story

June 5, 2020

ColleenMStoryCroppedaecvh.jpgColleen M. Story inspires writers to overcome modern-day challenges and find creative fulfillment in their work. Her first non-fiction book, Overwhelmed Writer Rescue, was named Book by Book Publicity’s Best Writing/Publishing Book in 2018, and her novel, Loreena’s Gift, was a Foreword Reviews' INDIES Book of the Year Awards winner, among others. Her latest release, Writer Get Noticed!, was a gold-medal winner in the 2019 Reader’s Favorite Book Awards for writing and publishing, and a recent 1st-place winner in the Reader Views Literary Awards. With over 20 years in the creative industry, Colleen is the founder of Writing and Wellness ( and Writer CEO ( Please see her author website ( or follow her on Twitter (@colleen_m_story).

 Topics of Conversation:

  • About Writer Get Noticed!
  • What is an Author Platform?
  • Using your Strengths to Develop your Niche
  • The Three-Brain Decision Making system
  • On Writing and Wellness

WriterGetNoticed.jpgHave you been writing for years, but feel like no one notices? Have you publishedyour stories, only to gain a handful of readers? Do your marketing efforts feel like shouting into a void?

Veteran writer and motivational coach Colleen M. Story helps you break the spell of invisibility to reveal the author platform that will finally draw readers your way.
There are more books out there than ever before, and readers have many other things vying for their attention. A writer can feel like a needle in a haystack, and throwing money at the problem rarely helps. What does work is creating a platform that stands out, but in a sea of a million platforms, how is one to do that?

Writer Get Noticed! takes a new approach, dispelling the notion that fixing your writing flaws and expanding your social media reach will get you the readers you deserve. Instead, discover a myriad of strengths you didn't know you had, then use them to find your author theme, power up your platform, and create a new author business blueprint, all while gaining insight into what sets you apart as a writer and creative artist.



Writing and Wellness (

Writer CEO (

Author Site (

LinkedIn (

Twitter (@colleen_m_story)

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Pernicious Pursuit - An Interview with Author Gary D. McGugan

Pernicious Pursuit - An Interview with Author Gary D. McGugan

May 26, 2020

Gary_McGugan_2014-small_b3fot.jpgGary D. McGugan loves to tell stories and is the author of Three Weeks Less a Day, The Multima SchemeUnrelenting Peril and Pernicious Pursuit. Whether sharing a vision with colleagues in large multinational corporations, helping consulting clients implement expert advice, or writing a corporate thriller, Gary uses artful suspense to entertain and inform. His launch of a new writing career—at an age most people retire—reveals an ongoing zest for new challenges and a life-long pursuit of knowledge. Home may be in Toronto, but his love of travel and broad business knowledge accumulated from extensive experiences around the globe are evident in every chapter Gary writes.

Topics of Conversation:

  • Writing novels of intrigue
  • Using international settings
  • Incorporating current relevant issues into the plot
  • Creating authentic female characters
  • Interests outside of writing
  • Coming Soon


Snatched from a safe house in The Netherlands in the middle of the night, Howard Knight finds himself in the crosshairs of a vindictive crime boss relentlessly determined to even old scores. His lover, Janet Weissel, barely escapes the grasp of the unwelcome intruders. Her daring getaway takes an unconventional path to another country, a clandestine outfit, and a new purpose.

With The Organization’s vast resources as a backdrop, Pernicious Pursuit is a tale of survival, cunning schemes and dogged determination with seemingly insurmountable odds—while surreptitiously fighting back against deep-seated misogyny, abuse and the degradation of women by the nefarious criminal element.

Connect with Gary D. McGugan!

Monthly Blog:
Facebook: @gary.d.mcgugan.books
Twitter: @GaryDMcGugan

Savagery - An Interview with Author Jessica Mehta

Savagery - An Interview with Author Jessica Mehta

May 21, 2020

Mehta.jpgJessica (Tyner) Mehta is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, multi-award-winning poet, and author of over one dozen books. Place, space, and personal ancestry inform much of her work. She’s also the Editor-in-Chief of Crab Creek Review and owner of an award-winning small business. MehtaFor is a writing services company that offers pro bono services to Native Americans and indigenous-serving non-profits.

Her novel The Wrong Kind of Indian won gold at the 2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPYs) and at the American Book Fest Best Book. Jessica has also received numerous fellowships in recent years, including the Everett Helm Visiting Fellowship at the Lilly Library at Indiana University in Bloomington and the Eccles Centre Visiting Fellowship at The British Library in London. Jessica is a popular speaker and panelist, featured recently at events such as the US State Department’s National Poetry Month event, “Poets as Cultural Emissaries: A Conversation with Women Writers,” as well as the “Women’s Transatlantic Prison Activism Since 1960” symposium at Oxford University.

She has undertaken poetry residencies around the globe including at Hosking Houses Trust with an appointment at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in England, Paris Lit Up in France, and at the Crazy Horse Memorial and museum in South Dakota. Her work has been featured at galleries and exhibitions around the world, including IA&A Hillyer in Washington DC, The Emergency Gallery in Sweden, and Institute of American Indian Arts in New Mexico. 

Topics of Conversation:

  • About writing poetry
  • Integrating poetry with technology through her "Red/Act" Exhibition
  • Poetry Performance Art and her "emBODY poetry" work
  • How writing serves as a means of trauma management (bibliotherapy)
  • A reading from "Savagery" 



Poetry. Native American Studies. SAVAGERY joins Mehta's oeuvre as a reflection of what it means to be indigenous in today's increasingly hostile, post-colonial America. Reflecting on self, place, and space and with strong confessional leanings, SAVAGERY joins the ranks of other much-needed indigenous poetry of the era to provide a lens (and mirror) into indigenous issues and disparities while also providing a constant offering of hope. These poems are raw and very, very necessary.

Connect with Jessica Mehta

websites: and

Twitter: @bookscatsyoga

Instagram: @bookscatsyoga

The Trumpet Lesson - An Interview with Author Dianne Romain

The Trumpet Lesson - An Interview with Author Dianne Romain

May 15, 2020


Dianne Romain grew up in Missouri and studied philosophy at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. After completing her PhD in Philosophy at UC Berkeley, she taught feminist ethics and philosophy of emotion at Sonoma State University and published Thinking Things Through, a critical thinking textbook. While in California, she practiced fiction writing techniques in a women’s writing group. In Guanajuato, where she lives with novelist Sterling Bennett, she took up the trumpet as research for her debut novel, The Trumpet Lesson. Her current writing projects set in Guanajuato include short stories and a second novel.


Topics of Conversation:

  • About “The Trumpet Lesson” and the Inspiration Behind the Story
  • Living in Guanajuato, Mexico
  • Learning to play the trumpet as research for her Novel
  • Bringing diverse characters together
  • Differences between writing fiction and non-fiction
  • Supporting non-profits
  • New projects from Dianne Romain


TheTrumpetLesson.jpgTHE TRUMPET LESSON

Fascinated by a young woman’s performance of “The Lost Child” in Guanajuato’s central plaza, painfully shy expatriate Callie Quinn asks the woman for a trumpet lesson ― and ends up confronting her longing to know her own lost child.

When Callie became pregnant in 1960s rural Missouri over thirty years ago, her outraged father, with her mother’s acquiescence, insisted that no one know―and Callie complied. She went away, and she gave up her baby. She did it to protect the baby’s father―a black teen―from the era’s racist violence.

When Pamela, the trumpeter whose music flows from her heart, enters Callie’s life, Callie begins to dream of opening her own heart. But instead she remains silent, hiding her longing and risking giving up everyone she dares to love in order to safeguard her secret. Callie tells herself she does so to protect her daughter, but ultimately, in order to speak, she must confront the deepest reasons for her silence―the ones she’s been concealing even from herself.



YouTube Channel: Dianne Romain

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Maximilian’s Treasure - An Interview with Author James D. Bell

Maximilian’s Treasure - An Interview with Author James D. Bell

May 15, 2020

James_D_Bell.jpgJames D. Bell is an award-winning author and retired Judge who received the highest bar association approval ratings ever given to a Mississippi Circuit or County Judge. He is listed in Preeminent Lawyers, Outstanding Lawyers of America and Top 100 Attorneys of North America.  He is the author of two novels, Vampire Defense and Maximilian’s Treasure.  His short story, The Adventures of Sherlock Hound, was published in Mardi Allen’s collection, Dog Stories for the Soul, alongside stories from Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, Willie Morris and others.  The son of a Choctaw mother and a Mississippi businessman, Judge Bell is devoted to his wife, Joanne.  They live near Jackson, Mississippi and have four children.  Judge Bell returned to law practice but is frequently called back to the bench by the Mississippi Supreme Court for short term assignments.

Topics of Conversation:

  • About “Maximilian’s Treasure” and the Inspiration Behind the Story
  • Is Maximilian’s Treasure real?
  • Finding solutions from our differences.
  • About writing to make people laugh out loud!
  • New projects from James Bell


MaximiliansTreasure.jpgMAXIMILIAN’S TREASURE

Rumors of a legendary treasure trigger a battle over possession of a Choctaw family farm. Two young lawyers, John Brooks and Jackson Bradley, agree to help the family keep their farm. Early legal success prompts the drive-by murder of the patriarch of the family. The grandson chases the suspects whose bodies are found on the farm, scalped. At the same time clues to a vast treasure are found on the farm. Jackson, pursued by fortune seekers, adventurers, an exotic beauty and a homicidal maniac, follows the clues from a Caribbean reef to the Chiapas jungle. John stays behind to defend the grandson and continue the fight for the farm. His efforts are complicated by arson, murder, race riots, and the realization that he lost his one true love. Though there is great distance between them, their adventures are intertwined as they rush toward a triple climax that could shake the world. Join the adventure and discover your “Maximilian’s Treasure.”





Veil of Secrecy - An Interview with Author Margaret Franceschini

Veil of Secrecy - An Interview with Author Margaret Franceschini

May 15, 2020

Margaret_Franceschini.jpegMargaret Franceschini’s desire to write in a dramatic way began at a young age. Her passion for poetry and short stories can be traced back to early childhood when she wrote about the creatures she watched in her backyard. Entering into adult life led her to join poetry sites, where she was able to share her innermost feelings with those of the same type of writings.

Later in life, she became intrigued with children with autism as she worked best with this population. Earning her credits with col­lege writing, her essays always composed with her daily observation of their progression.

Through the years, she found the path to sincere friendships. While forming these friendships, she was able to gain trust and give these friendships emotional support. They shared the trials of young love and the conflicting decisions of their pregnancies. Weighing heavy on their hearts with this dilemma, and abandoned by the father, left them alone, with a decision of either abortion versus adoption.

Her story is a portrayal of young women of any generation that had to make a life-changing decision that, either way remained etched in their hearts for a lifetime.

Topics of Conversation:

  • The inspiration behind “Veil of Secrecy”
  • Researching her subject and the level of detail involved
  • Margaret’s writing journey – from poet to novelist
  • Personal interests outside of writing
  • A bit of insight into her next project
  • Margaret’s advice to emerging authors




An ambitious young woman who dreams of leaving her small town to follow her dreams learns the heartbreak of reckless love. As a young woman trapped in the confines of her small Newfoundland fishing village, sixteen-year-old Julie dreams of someday making her way out into the world and becoming a journalist. The daughter she gave up at birth must learn the same lesson, but will she follow in her mother's footsteps and give up her dreams?

What happens when a daughter, given up at birth, makes the same tragic mistake as the mother she never knew? In 1950 Julie was deceived in love and had to give up not only the child of that union, but her dreams of escaping her small fishing village to become a journalist. Twenty years later, Marina, too, is deceived in love and has to forfeit her child, but dreams are not to be thwarted the second time around. The only refuge for young teen girls at that time was an old plantation pavilion called The Fold located in Nova Scotia. Hidden away on acres of lush green grass and surrounded by the wonder of the sea, The Fold holds the mystery and secrets of those who suffered emotions of forfeiting their infant and the suffering that remains within their veil of secrecy.








Payback: Tales of Love, Hate, and Revenge - An Interview with Author Steve Bassett

Payback: Tales of Love, Hate, and Revenge - An Interview with Author Steve Bassett

May 15, 2020


Steve Bassett was born, raised and educated in New Jersey, and, although far removed during a career as a multiple award-winning journalist, he has always been proud of the sobriquet, Jersey Guy. He has written for several publications, including the Pulitzer Prize winning Salt Lake Tribune. He’s worked for the Associated Press, where his exposés gained national recognition, and CBS television news in Los Angeles, earning three Emmy Awards for his investigative documentaries.

His book, “Golden Ghetto: How the Americans and French Fell In and Out of Love During the Cold War,” was published in 2013. “Father Divine’s Bikes,” Book One in his Passaic River Trilogy was published in 2018. “Payback: Tales of Love, Hate and Revenge,” is the second novel in the trilogy continuing the historical noir crime drama surrounding Newark, NJ in the post WWII era.


- About “Payback – Tales of Love, Hate, and Revenge” and the Inspiration Behind the Story
- The German-American Bund and the Minutemen
- Redlining then and now – and other parallels in the story to current events
- Personal Interest – on owning a 600 year-old property in Central France and the differences between French and American Culture


Payback – Tales of Love, Hate and Revengethe second book of the Passaic River Trilogy, is a drama so intense that it would be improbable anywhere but 1946 Newark. Across the country millions were dealing with the loss of loved ones, and horrible memories were being buried for the greater good. But not in Newark. Two mutilated bodies were pulled from the putrid Passaic River, and the sawed-off arm of a third man was found neatly wrapped and tied at the city dump. The three victims were members of the German-American Bund, Hitler lovers who had to pay the price for supporting a murderous madman. Someone was sending a message that only revenge could clear the mind and free the soul.






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