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Veil of Secrecy - An Interview with Author Margaret Franceschini

Veil of Secrecy - An Interview with Author Margaret Franceschini

May 15, 2020

Margaret_Franceschini.jpegMargaret Franceschini’s desire to write in a dramatic way began at a young age. Her passion for poetry and short stories can be traced back to early childhood when she wrote about the creatures she watched in her backyard. Entering into adult life led her to join poetry sites, where she was able to share her innermost feelings with those of the same type of writings.

Later in life, she became intrigued with children with autism as she worked best with this population. Earning her credits with col­lege writing, her essays always composed with her daily observation of their progression.

Through the years, she found the path to sincere friendships. While forming these friendships, she was able to gain trust and give these friendships emotional support. They shared the trials of young love and the conflicting decisions of their pregnancies. Weighing heavy on their hearts with this dilemma, and abandoned by the father, left them alone, with a decision of either abortion versus adoption.

Her story is a portrayal of young women of any generation that had to make a life-changing decision that, either way remained etched in their hearts for a lifetime.

Topics of Conversation:

  • The inspiration behind “Veil of Secrecy”
  • Researching her subject and the level of detail involved
  • Margaret’s writing journey – from poet to novelist
  • Personal interests outside of writing
  • A bit of insight into her next project
  • Margaret’s advice to emerging authors




An ambitious young woman who dreams of leaving her small town to follow her dreams learns the heartbreak of reckless love. As a young woman trapped in the confines of her small Newfoundland fishing village, sixteen-year-old Julie dreams of someday making her way out into the world and becoming a journalist. The daughter she gave up at birth must learn the same lesson, but will she follow in her mother's footsteps and give up her dreams?

What happens when a daughter, given up at birth, makes the same tragic mistake as the mother she never knew? In 1950 Julie was deceived in love and had to give up not only the child of that union, but her dreams of escaping her small fishing village to become a journalist. Twenty years later, Marina, too, is deceived in love and has to forfeit her child, but dreams are not to be thwarted the second time around. The only refuge for young teen girls at that time was an old plantation pavilion called The Fold located in Nova Scotia. Hidden away on acres of lush green grass and surrounded by the wonder of the sea, The Fold holds the mystery and secrets of those who suffered emotions of forfeiting their infant and the suffering that remains within their veil of secrecy.








Payback: Tales of Love, Hate, and Revenge - An Interview with Author Steve Bassett

Payback: Tales of Love, Hate, and Revenge - An Interview with Author Steve Bassett

May 15, 2020


Steve Bassett was born, raised and educated in New Jersey, and, although far removed during a career as a multiple award-winning journalist, he has always been proud of the sobriquet, Jersey Guy. He has written for several publications, including the Pulitzer Prize winning Salt Lake Tribune. He’s worked for the Associated Press, where his exposés gained national recognition, and CBS television news in Los Angeles, earning three Emmy Awards for his investigative documentaries.

His book, “Golden Ghetto: How the Americans and French Fell In and Out of Love During the Cold War,” was published in 2013. “Father Divine’s Bikes,” Book One in his Passaic River Trilogy was published in 2018. “Payback: Tales of Love, Hate and Revenge,” is the second novel in the trilogy continuing the historical noir crime drama surrounding Newark, NJ in the post WWII era.


- About “Payback – Tales of Love, Hate, and Revenge” and the Inspiration Behind the Story
- The German-American Bund and the Minutemen
- Redlining then and now – and other parallels in the story to current events
- Personal Interest – on owning a 600 year-old property in Central France and the differences between French and American Culture


Payback – Tales of Love, Hate and Revengethe second book of the Passaic River Trilogy, is a drama so intense that it would be improbable anywhere but 1946 Newark. Across the country millions were dealing with the loss of loved ones, and horrible memories were being buried for the greater good. But not in Newark. Two mutilated bodies were pulled from the putrid Passaic River, and the sawed-off arm of a third man was found neatly wrapped and tied at the city dump. The three victims were members of the German-American Bund, Hitler lovers who had to pay the price for supporting a murderous madman. Someone was sending a message that only revenge could clear the mind and free the soul.






Father Divine’s Bikes - An Interview with Author Steve Bassett

Father Divine’s Bikes - An Interview with Author Steve Bassett

May 15, 2020

smaller_Steve_Bassett_25.jpgSteve Bassett was born, raised and educated in New Jersey, and, although far removed during a career as a multiple award-winning journalist, he has always been proud of the sobriquet Jersey Guy. He has been legally blind for almost a decade but hasn’t let this slow him down. Polish on his mother’s side and Montenegrin on his father’s, with grandparents who spoke little or no English, his early outlook was ethnic and suspicious. As a natural iconoclast, he joined the dwindling number of itinerant newsmen roaming the countryside in search of, well just about everything. Sadly, their breed has vanished into the digital ether. Bassett’s targets were not selected simply by sticking pins in a map. There had to be a sense of the bizarre.

First there was The Long Branch Daily Record on the New Jersey shore. Mobsters loved the place. It was one of their favorite watering holes. A mafia soldier was gunned down not far from the paper. Great fun for a cub reporter. Curiosity got the better of him with his next choice the Pekin Daily Times located in central Illinois. Now a respected newspaper, it had once been the official voice of the Ku Klux Klan during the 1920’s. Pekin had saved its bacon during the Depression by tacitly approving two time-honored money makers, prostitution and gambling, earning an eight-page spread in Life.

Next it was the Salt Lake Tribune. The Pulitzer Prize winner was then, and still is, considered one of the best daily newspapers west of the Rockies. Bassett’s coverage of the invective laden contract talks between the United Mine Workers and the three copper mining giants led to his recruitment by the Associated Press. 

Bassett’s series for the AP in Phoenix uncovered the widespread abuses inherent in the Government’s Barcero program for Mexican contract workers. The series exposed working and housing conditions that transformed workers into virtual slave laborers, forced to buy at company stores, live in squalid housing and pay illegally collected unemployment taxes that went into the pocket of their bosses. The series led to Bassett’s promotion and transfer to the San Francisco bureau.

His final AP posting was in San Francisco. Bassett’s five-part series on the Wah Ching gained national attention by exposing the Chinese youth gang as the violent instrument of Chinatown’s criminal bosses.

Then came CBS television news in Los Angeles, three Emmy Awards for his investigative documentaries, and the prestigious Medallion Award presented by the California Bar Association for “Distinguished Reporting on the Administration of Justice.” Along the way he found time to author “The Battered Rich” (Ashley Books) exposing seldom discussed but widespread marital abuse among the affluent.


His book, “Golden Ghetto: How the Americans and French Fell In and Out of Love During the Cold War,” published in 2013 by Red Hen Press under its Xeno imprint, traces the sixteen-year history of what was then the largest U.S. Air Force base in Europe. It pieces together a love affair that defines trust, hope, renewal, prosperity, and finally the discovery that it was all a Cold War delusion.

His first fiction work, “Father Divine’s Bikes,” is a historical, noir crime novel set in 1945 Newark. A gangster war, three murders, a gun-toting paperboy, and the numbers racket punctuate the tragic story of two gritty altar boys adrift in a world of poverty, crime and hopelessness. The boys live in a world ripe for grifters like Father Divine and his promise of heaven on earth.

Bassett currently resides in Placitas, New Mexico with his wife Darlene Chandler Bassett.

To learn more about Steve Bassett, visit his website at

Topics of Conversation:

  • About Father Divine’s Bikes and the Inspiration Behind the Story
  • America’s Urban History
  • Who is Father Divine?
  • Multi-Generational Characters
  • Interests Outside of Writing
  • The VA and Assistance for Veterans with Disabilities
Poetry Matters Project - An Interview with Founder Lucinda J. Clark

Poetry Matters Project - An Interview with Founder Lucinda J. Clark

May 15, 2020

LucindaClark.jpgLucinda Clark is the Founder of P.R.A. Publishing and the Poetry Matters Project Ltd. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. now residing in Georgia. She has written and published a four-part poetry series titled View From the Middle of the Road with various emerging writers from many areas of the arts. She is currently a contributor to the Accentuated Reading Project. Her mission is to build community connections through collaborations based on literary arts.

Lucinda describes herself as follows: “I am a woman who went on a journey of self-discovery and found that my view(s) on life are determined by updates to my perspective based on new things I experience, meaning, things can change at any time.”

Learn more about Lucinda and her work at

Topics of Conversation:

  • History of the Poetry Matters Project
  • Poetry Matters Project Literary Prize – 20 Year Anniversary
  • Where are they now? Update on some of the past contest winners.
  • Getting involved – as a contestant, judge or volunteer
  • Poetry Diversified 2019 Anthology
  • Poetry Readings by Lucinda Clark
End Times - An Interview with Author Michael McCord

End Times - An Interview with Author Michael McCord

May 15, 2020

m-mccord_headshot.jpgMichael McCord, the former political editor and columnist for The Portsmouth (NH) Herald, is an award-winning journalist and writer.

A U.S. Army veteran, he covered his first presidential primary campaign in 1980 and has written for dozens of publications – including the Boston Globe Magazine, Boston Globe, New Hampshire Business Review, Boston Herald, New Hampshire Magazine – and has won New England & New Hampshire press association awards for investigative reporting, political commentary, feature and historical writing, and business journalism.

Among many adventures, he profiled James Dougherty, Marilyn Monroe’s mostly unknown unknown first husband, for Boston Globe Magazine. He also co-wrote the produced theatrical play “think twice before you think” about the life and writings of e e cummings. His essay on the history of the New Hampshire presidential primary was included in the 2008 analogy The American Presidency.

His Real America saga includes The Execution Channel: A Political Fable (2013) & End Times: More Great Adventures in Real America (2019). Penelope will be the final book in the trilogy.

He lives in Exeter, NH with his artist wife Anne and their cat Vito (the Twitter star of the family).

To learn more about Michael McCord visit his website at

Topics of Conversation:
  • A vision of “Real America”
  • How the Real America in the book compares to the current political climate in the U.S.
  • Satire – a fun book to write
  • How the Information Warfare plot plays out
  • Promoting and Self-Publishing
  • and more!
The Tukor’s Journey - An Interview with Author Jeannine Kellogg

The Tukor’s Journey - An Interview with Author Jeannine Kellogg

May 15, 2020

JeannineKellogg.jpgJeannine Kellogg loves a grand adventure and a great story. She has traveled to fifteen countries and her adventures include hiking in New Zealand, sea-kayaking above the Arctic Circle, and wading through rice fields in Thailand. Yet she has grown certain that the great inspirations are found not in distant adventures, but in the often-overlooked details of everyday life.

Jeannine’s career has spanned a variety of industries and roles, but it has mostly involved analyzing lots of numbers and telling stories in numbers. Mid-career she switched it up and starting telling stories in words. She loves ice cream. Guinea pigs. Mathematics. Children. History. Practical jokes. Family. Thai food. Friends. Music. And, of course, writing.

Her first novel, The Tukor’s Journey, began in a windstorm as Jeannine and her nephews dove deep into sheltered waters seeking sparkling blue stones only visible when sunlight broke through the clouds. She built a story around that diving adventure, and over time, inspired by the encouragement of her nephews, it grew into The Tukor’s Journey series.

Jeannine enjoys nothing more than encouraging kids to seize life’s wonderful adventure and take the lead in their own powerful journey. She invites you to connect with her on social media. And she would be delighted to visit your school.

To learn more about Jeannine Kellogg visit her website at

Topics of Conversation:

  • Introducing a world of adventure through extraordinary animals and locations
  • Encouraging outdoor adventures
  • Characters who use their own skills and imagination to invent and solve problems
  • Storytelling and instilling hope
  • The Publishing Industry vs. The Gaming Industry
Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary - An Interview with Author Susan Braudy

Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary - An Interview with Author Susan Braudy

May 15, 2020

SusanBraudyPic11COPY9owbg.pngSusan Braudy is the bestselling author of six books. Her writing has also appeared in The New York TimesThe AtlanticMs. Magazine, New York Magazine, JezebelThe Week, and the New Journal at Yale. The Men’s Issue she created and edited for Ms. Magazine was the highest selling in the magazine’s history. She’s a recipient of the Dick Goldensohn Fund Award for investigative reporting and was a judge for the J. Anthony Lukas Prize at Columbia University. Alfred A. Knopf nominated her last book for the Pulitzer Prize. Her blogs are Writers Celebrate Writers and Manhattan Voyeur.                                                       

For more information on Susan Braudy and her book – visit her website at

Topics of Conversation

  • A young woman’s sexual awakening.
  • America’s infatuation with the Kennedy’s
  • Researching historical figures
  • The power of language
  • Susan’s current project – a mystery/thriller based on a true story!
  • Advice for emerging authors
Eternally Artemisia - An Interview with Author Melissa Muldoon

Eternally Artemisia - An Interview with Author Melissa Muldoon

May 15, 2020

MelissaMuldoon.jpgMelissa Muldoon is the author of three novels set in Italy: “Dreaming Sophia,” “Waking Isabella,” and “Eternally Artemisia.” All three books tell the stories of American women and their journeys of self-discovery to find love, uncover hidden truths, and follow their destinies to shape a better future in Italy.

Melissa is also the author of the Studentessa Matta website, where she promotes the study of Italian language and culture through her dual-language blog written in Italian and English ( Studentessa Matta means the “crazy linguist” and has grown to include a podcast, Tutti Matti per l’Italiano and the Studentessa Matta YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram feed. Melissa also created Matta Italian Language Immersion Programs, which she co-leads with Italian schools in Italy to learn Italian in Italy. Through her website, she also offers the opportunities to live and study in Italy through Homestay programs.

Melissa has a B.A. in fine arts, art history and European history from Knox College, a liberal arts college in Galesburg, Illinois, as well as a master’s degree in art history from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. She has also studied painting and art history in Florence. She is an artist, designer, and illustrated the cover art for all three of her books. Melissa is also the managing director of Matta Press.

Melissa designed and illustrated the cover art for Eternally Artemisia, Waking Isabella, and Dreaming Sophia. She also curates the Dreaming Sophia Art History blog site and Pinterest site: The Art of Loving Italy, where you will find companion pictures for all three books. Visit for more information about immersion trips to learn the language with Melissa in Italy, as well as the Studentessa Matta blog for practice and tips to learn the Italian language.

To learn more about Melissa Muldoon visit her website at

Topics of Conversation:

  • Artemisia Gentileschi’s influence on the art world and her relevance to today’s women
  • Italy – its history and beauty
  • A common theme connecting all of her books
  • Incorporating history into historical fiction
  • Artistic expression
  • Advice for emerging authors


Dirty Science - An Interview with Author Bob Gebelein

Dirty Science - An Interview with Author Bob Gebelein

May 15, 2020

BobSigningBooksb6nlh.jpgBob Gebelein graduated from Harvard with a BA in Mathematics in 1956, and then went on to have a legendary career as a computer programmer and creator of software systems.

But the main focus of his adult life has been to create a new civilization, because of the threat of nuclear annihilation and other cultural problems. His methods were psychotherapy, withdrawal from the culture, and dream analysis. He succeeded in his quest by discovering how “human nature” itself can be changed, to compassion and altruism, to create a new kind of human being, who will then create a new civilization. He is a new civilization with a population of one.

His book, RE-EDUCATING MYSELF, describes his search and the answers that he found. THE MENTAL ENVIRONMENT describes the network of lies from which he extricated himself. His original songs, on “Uncle Bobby’s Record,” now have an international following.

Because he is writing from a new civilization, he can view the scientific establishment with some perspective, especially because he is not controlled by it. Also he brings to DIRTY SCIENCE original concepts such as “the mental senses,” “mental warfare,” and “psychological age,” which make this work a step ahead of the present culture.

To learn more about Dirty Science – visit To learn more about Bob Gebelein and his other works visit

Topics of Conversation:

  • What is dirty science?
  • Which areas of research are being targeted?
  • The spiritual and the psychic
  • How to recognize unscientific methods and educating the public
  • Getting the word out – read the first chapter
Love is the Answer God is the Cure - An Interview with Author Aimee Cabo Nikolov

Love is the Answer God is the Cure - An Interview with Author Aimee Cabo Nikolov

May 15, 2020

aimeecabonikolov.jpegAimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. She is a trained nurse and the president and owner of IMIC, Inc, a medical research company in Palmetto Bay, Florida.  She lives with her husband, Dr. Boris Nikolov, and her three children, Danielle, Sean and Michelle.  Love is the Answer, God is the Cure is her first book.

To learn more about Aimee Cabo Nikolov and her book, Love is the Answer, God is the Cure, visit her website at

Topics of Conversation:

  • Writing her memoir
  • The different forms of abuse and how to recognize it
  • Consequences of abuse
  • Healing
  • Helping Others
  • Inspiration

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