DonAke.jpgDon Ake is a funny guy. His humor writing is clever, witty, and totally entertaining. Instead of telling jokes, he paints funny pictures inside your head. You will smile, then snicker, and finally laugh out loud. Often you will laugh with him, sometimes you will laugh at him, but you will laugh and laugh a lot.

Don takes simple everyday things and situations and makes them hilarious. His perspective on life is unique, sometimes even bizarre.  His humor writing has been compared to the television show “Seinfeld” because the topics are so basic, but the humor so funny.

He started writing humor columns in college and began writing his popular Ake’s Pains blog in 2011. He released his first humor book, “Just Make Me A Sammich” in 2015 and followed it up with “Will There Be Free Appetizers” in 2018.

Don works as an analyst/economist in the trucking industry and has an MBA degree from the University of Akron. He resides in Northeast Ohio.

To learn more about Don Ake and his books visit his website at

Topics of conversation:

  • Writing Humor
  • How to make even the most mundane topics funny
  • Humor that’s relatable and diverse
  • Making people laugh out loud
  • Who makes Don laugh?
  • Evolving and growing as a writer
  • Advice to aspiring authors
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