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The SwiftPad Trilogy - An Interview with S. Lee Barckmann

May 26, 2021

Lee-podcast-2.jpgLee Barckmann grew up in Barnegat NJ, and had a Huck Finn childhood, surrounded by woods, streams, and meadows. In the 1950s, 1200 people lived there. 

Later on, he studied Economics and History at the University of Kansas,  moved to Eugene, Oregon, and met his wife Mary. He did various jobs for a time, then the two of them packed it up and went to China where Lee taught English. After two-and-a-half years, they returned to the US, settled down and had a family and Lee spent the next 30 years in a career in the IT field, eventually retiring from IBM. During that time, he wrote intermittently, mostly on his first novel "Farewell the Dragon". 

Lee and his wife currently live outside of Portland Oregon where they enjoy backpacking, biking, and playing with their granddaughter.



  • About the Trilogy
  • Writing ALT-History
  • One of the most surprising things he learned writing his trilogy
  • Reading and Writing
  • What's Next?




TheSwiftPadTrilogy.jpgThere’s a lot of punch packed into this trilogy which is at it’s core an alt history of the past decade.  There’s murder and mystery, the boom of social media, politics and an unstable leader. Our Reader Views reviewer said, “The satire that is offered in this tale is brutally honest, hysterical, and unforgettable. But, remember, this is not a dystopian world; this is a very real, bare bones, trash-talking world that all of us have lived through – and are still living through to this day. As a reader who loves reality as much as the gritty suspense that a book like this provides, there is also that underlying current that shows how much we’ve seen and survived over the past decades, and how much we’re most likely going to see before we say adieu to this life."



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