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Poetry Matters Project - An Interview with Founder Lucinda J. Clark

May 15, 2020

LucindaClark.jpgLucinda Clark is the Founder of P.R.A. Publishing and the Poetry Matters Project Ltd. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. now residing in Georgia. She has written and published a four-part poetry series titled View From the Middle of the Road with various emerging writers from many areas of the arts. She is currently a contributor to the Accentuated Reading Project. Her mission is to build community connections through collaborations based on literary arts.

Lucinda describes herself as follows: “I am a woman who went on a journey of self-discovery and found that my view(s) on life are determined by updates to my perspective based on new things I experience, meaning, things can change at any time.”

Learn more about Lucinda and her work at

Topics of Conversation:

  • History of the Poetry Matters Project
  • Poetry Matters Project Literary Prize – 20 Year Anniversary
  • Where are they now? Update on some of the past contest winners.
  • Getting involved – as a contestant, judge or volunteer
  • Poetry Diversified 2019 Anthology
  • Poetry Readings by Lucinda Clark

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