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Pernicious Pursuit - An Interview with Author Gary D. McGugan

May 26, 2020

Gary_McGugan_2014-small_b3fot.jpgGary D. McGugan loves to tell stories and is the author of Three Weeks Less a Day, The Multima SchemeUnrelenting Peril and Pernicious Pursuit. Whether sharing a vision with colleagues in large multinational corporations, helping consulting clients implement expert advice, or writing a corporate thriller, Gary uses artful suspense to entertain and inform. His launch of a new writing career—at an age most people retire—reveals an ongoing zest for new challenges and a life-long pursuit of knowledge. Home may be in Toronto, but his love of travel and broad business knowledge accumulated from extensive experiences around the globe are evident in every chapter Gary writes.

Topics of Conversation:

  • Writing novels of intrigue
  • Using international settings
  • Incorporating current relevant issues into the plot
  • Creating authentic female characters
  • Interests outside of writing
  • Coming Soon


Snatched from a safe house in The Netherlands in the middle of the night, Howard Knight finds himself in the crosshairs of a vindictive crime boss relentlessly determined to even old scores. His lover, Janet Weissel, barely escapes the grasp of the unwelcome intruders. Her daring getaway takes an unconventional path to another country, a clandestine outfit, and a new purpose.

With The Organization’s vast resources as a backdrop, Pernicious Pursuit is a tale of survival, cunning schemes and dogged determination with seemingly insurmountable odds—while surreptitiously fighting back against deep-seated misogyny, abuse and the degradation of women by the nefarious criminal element.

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