MichellePeach.jpgMichelle Peach worked in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the 1990s, serving in London in the News Department and the Foreign Secretary, Sir Geoffrey Howe’s Private Office. She spent three years as the radio communications officer and visa assistant in the British Embassy in Sana’a, in the former Yemen Arab Republic. During those three years, she witnessed the beginning of the Iraq/Kuwait War in a country which supported Saddam Hussein with popular, violent demonstrations.

She obtained her B.A. (Hons) degree in Arabic with Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at Durham University where her second year was spent studying in Damascus, Syria.

She freelanced as an Arabic translator for a UN research report in Beirut, Lebanon.

She worked as an executive secretary for the British president and CEO of a large oil shipping company in Dubai, U.A.E.. Later, becoming the Business Development Director of an investment company in Dubai.

Michelle met her husband in Dubai and moved to America. Last year, they celebrated 20 years of marriage at a renewal of their vows in the same chapel in Las Vegas with their children in attendance.

Currently, Michelle is working on her second novel.  In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering, gardening and reading.

For more information about Michelle Peach and her book, “Gazelle in the Shadows” visit her website at https://michellepeach.com/

Topics of Conversation:

  • Story inspiration
  • The process of writing and research about Syria and its people
  • Worldly travels – 37 countries for business and pleasure
  • Working in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, Yemen and Djibouti.
  • Writing and upcoming projects
  • Advice for emerging authors
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